From Yves Cabannes

This book is simply a masterpiece on cooperativism for the xxi century. Forward and outward looking, from exceptionally well informed cooperatives analysts. It outstandingly demonstrates why cooperatives are more resilient to the crisis and avoid falling into the dept trap and its implacable cohort of inhuman effects.
A decisive contribution not only to economic democracy but also to Democracy as a political system by which men and women preserve and control our common good and common wealth, on the basis of one person-one vote, independently of their wealth or capital.
A rational and passionate book of hope for our common future.

Yves Cabannes
Chair of Development Planning, Development Planning Unit, University College London
Formerly senior advisor to the Municipality of Porto Alegre, Brazil
Regional coordinator of the Programme of Urban Management of the United Nations for Latin America and the Caribbeans (1997-2003)

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